Thursday, May 26, 2016

‘Smart Toothbrush’ Wins Reality Show

            In the past ten years there have been some incredible advancements in technology. These changes have completely revolutionized the way we live our day to day lives. Fitness trackers help us work out more efficiently and nutrition apps help us eat better. So why not use a toothbrush that will help us take better care of our teeth? Someone with that idea just won a contest on a reality show for creating their ‘smart toothbrush,’ called Grush Brush.
            So what does Grush Brush do? The brush aims to better address the problem of tooth decay by encouraging kids to more effectively brush their teeth. It also provides data to the parents and the dentist on the brushing habits of each kid. This allows us to identify where the deficiencies are and develop a plan to improve their oral health. As you can imagine, most kids and teenagers give a version of the truth when it comes to their brushing habits. Having actual data can really help in their long term dental health.
            The developer of the Grush Brush is a pediatric dentist. This gives them an intimate knowledge of the normal habits of children and teenagers. So it has been developed specifically to help in that area. But as we all know, even adults can be less than perfect when it comes to their dental homecare. I hope that this can be used as a starting point to develop similar technology to address the issues that adults face. Different medications and medical treatments can dramatically affect your oral health. And having the technology to better address your individual needs can bring long term physical and financial benefits.
            We are really excited that these dental advancements are being covered in the media. And hopefully more and more people will use this technology and benefit from it.

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