Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Braces at Any Age

            There has been a definitive shift on how we view braces or orthodontics. Many kids now look forward to when they will get their braces and show them off proudly when they do. It used to be much more unusual to see adults with braces. Now it is more common and adults understand the value and being confident with their smile.
            Because it is no longer viewed as odd for adults to get braces, more and more people are taking the plunge each year. Adults are closing in on the 50-50 mark of newly installed braces when compared to children, and even baby boomers are getting in on the action. Whether it is to improve their stock in the dating scene or the job market, people are beginning to understand the value of their smile.
            Some people have been hiding their smile for years and training themselves how to hide their teeth when they laugh, talk, or smile. It used to take longer, be more uncomfortable, more noticeable, and less socially acceptable. Improvements in technology and techniques have decreased those barriers. There are clear aligners (Invisalign) and tooth colored brackets that make braces less conspicuous. Even some insurance companies are beginning to add coverage for adult orthodontics.
            Are there any risks to getting braces as an adult? There are definitely risks if you do not maintain good oral hygiene or home care. You can stain the teeth, get cavities, or develop gum disease if you do not properly maintain during orthodontics. However, these issues are typically less common than in adolescents because adults understand the value of their treatment and are more likely to ‘protect their investment.’
            If you are unhappy with your smile, I encourage you to ask your dentist about different options in aligning your teeth. You may find you there are orthodontic solutions you never even considered.

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Lee T. Brown, DDS

Brown and Kupper, DDS Inc.

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