Monday, February 16, 2015

the "old " Dr. Brown

It is so hard to believe, but I have been retired for 3 full years.  They say the older you get, the faster the time goes, and I sure am finding that to be true.
          As you know, I have been spending a little time at the office, about 3 half days a week.  It is great for me to spend time with both the doctors, the wonderful staff, and of course to mingle with some of the patients.  I really miss the clinical aspects of dentistry, but I certainly realize my physical limitations of the tremor.  I maintain my dental license, still take continuing education courses, and enjoy discussing treatment options on some of the more interesting and challenging cases.
          I have become a dental consultant, geared towards helping the young professional.  I hope to do this on a limited basis, just enough to keep the mind sharp, and to help “ pay forward “ to a profession that I had the pleasure to be part of.
          Lee has developed into an outstanding young dentist.  As a parent, it is truly a blessing and joy to watch your son become such a caring and gifted individual.  I am so fortunate he was there to take over and continue the excellent care Brown and Kupper are known for.
          Without grandkids yet to spoil, I spend some of my time with remodeling projects around the house, exercising ( I have become a novice triathlete ), and lots of time on the computer.  My golf game, unfortunately, has not improved.  Some things never change.
          I hope you find as much joy and happiness in your life as I have been blessed to find in mine. Staying healthy and active ( and not forgotten )

                                                                               Dr. Lawrence Brown

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